Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A blogger newbie - let me introduce myself!

Well, here I am. A blogger! I will admit, this is not my first attempt at starting a blog. I have started with 2 other attempts but for some reason my past attempts never felt right. Soo, after much prayer and thought on the subject I feel ready to share the start of my blog. So join me, on my journey through this beautiful (but hectic) life of mine.

Here's what you need to know: My name is Corrine, I am married to an amazing man (Mike), we have 3 wonderful sons (Ryan 8, Jaxon 4, & Tyson 2) and a shih tzu named Snickers.  
We live in a moderate sized town in Alberta, Canada in a home that doesn't quite fit us, but we make it work!
I stay home with the kids, and also have a little cake/cupcake business that I do from home for family and friends. I'm a Christian, and am trying my very best to be a Proverbs 31 women that does everything for the glory of God! BUT I am far from perfect, and am learning more and more everyday how to walk with Christ! Thank the good Lord for grace! :)

The reason I want to be a blogger: After following many wonderful blogs and finding so much encouragement and support on homemaking, marriage, parenting, and faith I felt like I had ideas to contribute and share with women too. Also, I wanted to start writing on my youngest sons chronic health struggles, to encourage and support others going through similar situations and also to find support and encouragement for myself and family. And, whether I'm good at it or not, I LOVE to write!

What you will find on my blog: Obviously I'm new, so I'm not 100% certain on what direction my blog will take, but my ideas are to post on everything marriage/family/parenting related, my walk with Jesus, my sons health issues, recipes, and cake/cupcake tips and recipes. I will have personal posts about my day to day life. The good and the struggles, and I hope that there are people out there that can relate!

What you will NOT find on my blog: Negativity! Yes life is tough, and yes there will be struggles and difficult topics at times (I'm sure). But NO intentional negativity. No rude or vulgar posts. And certainly nothing degrading towards my family, friends, or the people who read my blog. I will be following my rule book on this folks - The Holy Bible!

I really look forward to getting my blog growing and connecting with my readers! (look at me assuming people will read this! hehe) Please feel free to leave comments, and if you re a blogger too leave me your link so we can all support each other! And please, be patient with me! I am a total newbie and am currently NOT blogger savvy! ;)

Smiles & Blessings,
Corrine :)

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