Thursday, August 18, 2011

A journey to Christian fellowship

I. Am. Lonely.

I have my wonderful hubby, 3 wonderful children, and lots of friends who I love and value.
I am lonely. Why? you ask... Well, I have no Christian friends. Like I said, I have lots of great friends. Women I can trust who are kind, and are fun. But no Godly women. My quest to walk with Jesus seems to be somewhat of a foreign concept to them. Not that they don't support my faith, but I think somewhere in their heads they compare it to me writing letters to Santa. Like God is some type of a mythical character.
So you see, I'm lonely.
I do have one Christian friend, who I love and adore (this women and her family were really who introduced me to Christ years and years ago) but alas, she lives in a different town, and is a busy working mama so phone time is limited to once every few months. We pray for each other, but we don't pray together. I would love to have someone to pray with (other then the kids).
Are you wondering why I don't just pray with my husband? Well, he's not a Christian either. That's right, I married a wonderful non-christian! And I don't regret a thing because as far as husbands and fathers go, Mike takes the cake! No, really... He's AWESOME! And I know in my heart of hearts that God is working through me, to get to him. And I will stand by his side and wait as long as it takes for him to get there.
But... in the meantime... I. Am. Lonely.
I don't regularly attend a church in my town. For a few reasons (none really good enough) but mostly because family commitments (kids hockey) and me being uncomfortable walking into a new church alone hold me back. When we lived in the city I had "my" church. If I couldn't go every week that was okay, because I was always welcomed like I was never away when I was back. And because I felt so comfortable there and had a few friends that attended the same church walking in alone was never intimidating.
I know that part of me meeting new Christian friends is going to come hand in hand with going to church, but the 3 times I attended service I didn't feel welcome. It may have been my own insecurities, but that's just how I felt.
So how do I stay close to Christ? Well I follow many Christian bloggers (partly my inspiration for starting my own blog) I read Christian books, and I read the bible and pray daily.
I'm so happy that there are so many women who are such inspirational followers of Christ, willing to blog about everything that's important to me. The ministry that these women have online is such a God send to me at this point in my life. In fact, connecting to these blogs is what set my heart on fire all over again for Christ. It's always been there, but was ignited ten fold after finding a few blogs that speak so directly to my heart that I just KNOW God lead me to them. These women (who have no idea who I am) have inspired me more then they could ever imagine. And if I can't have "real life" Christian fellowship right now, then I will bathe in the fellowship I have online. I pray everyday that the Lord will lead me to positive, faith-sharing friends and if you have time, maybe you could pray for me too?
And to you wonderful Christian bloggers - THANK YOU. Truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Smiles & Blessings


  1. Thank you for writing such an open and honest post. I really think that there are many women out there feeling the same way. Life can be so lonely at times, and so can our spiritual walk. Having online fellowship is truly a blessing in times like this.

  2. Despite having a good church and some Christian friends I have found that the blogging ministry of these women has impacted me SO much! I am thankful they are here for all of us! So neat that God is using them in your life and thanks for sharing your heart! Keep praying for your husband and trusting Jesus. I will pray for you!

  3. ((Hugs)) I totally get where you are. But here's one thing that's been on my mind this past week. There are probably other people like you in these churches that need you. You might not feel welcome, but you can be the change to someone else. And if you got a BFF out of the deal--that's just a bonus. I pray that God will make paths for you to find some Christian fellowship. He has His ways of making things happen.